2018 Year Of Evolution For Digital Marketing.

Being online is not an option. The experts in corporate communication agree that 2018 will be a year of evolution for digital marketing. They foresee an increase of jobs of more than 70,000 jobs until 2020 in the digital marketing sector in the European Union. In fact, the Higher Institute for Internet Development has placed digital marketing as one of the areas with the greatest demand for new workers, followed by e-commerce and communication and content.
Investment in marketing has not stopped growing. However, applicants for services of this type seem reluctant to open up to new protocols for action in the world of communication, especially when we refer to small businesses.
Small businesses will have to get on the digital world yes or yes. But are small and medium entrepreneurs aware of the benefits that digital marketing could bring to their companies? The presence on the internet not only generates great savings but also allows us to better manage and respond to user requests. Digital marketing has multiple benefits, the first and most important, helps small businesses to sell more, people search everything on internet, from organic make up brands to senior care Tijuana. But in our country traditional and outdated channels are still used when the “target” has changed as much as the world in the last 15 years.
Before, nobody had a smartphone, now it is unthinkable not to have it. The majority of Spanish companies are SMEs, 98% specifically, that is, companies with up to 250 employees. Many of them have been held back by the arrival of consumption through the Internet and paralyzed against the digital transformation.
A report on digital transformation reveals that entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises understand the benefits that ICT bring to their businesses, but they feel saturated when it comes to implementing them and integrating them into their work systems.
Generally, small businesses need more personalized service providers, with more detailed or specific attention. They usually have little driving force or human capital multitasking performing various functions, with which, external advice becomes part of the company at a stage of its growth. It is usually a training adapted to the profiles of SMEs, but also to entrepreneurs and self-employed.
Companies must accept the corporate conversation. For this, they must be clear about the three-step communication cycle: news, communication and social networks. First, you must have a product or service with something news to sell or communicate; secondly, to communicate it through a website adapted to multi-devices, accessible and with total usability, with press releases and business communication, with off and on-line advertising; to complete are the social networks.
In fact, many companies already demand multifunction professionals, with a very particular preparation, almost on horseback between different areas between which marketing or specific knowledge is usually included: finance, motor, etc. In addition, the sectors of analytics and big data, as well as the development on mobile are the ones that are experiencing the greatest growth and are going to suppose a real explosion in the nearest future.