Branding for Dental Clinics

The Logo of the Clinic

It is important when designing a logo for a dental clinic like Mexico Dental Network to create a design with a relaxing atmosphere through pleasant colors never using reddish, purple, violet etc.

The typography of dental logos must be cheerful and not very serious to achieve a relaxed atmosphere. If you are creating a dental office contact us and we will advise you on the image of your brand and how to promote your clinic through brochures and web design.

The Name of the Clinic

The choice of the name of your dental office is very important. The head designer for EG Dental said that “you have to look for originality but it has to be easy to pronounce and short for a good memorization”. It is important to analyze the language of your target audience, it should not pose problems or be offensive, the functionality of explaining what it is and the values are the key. It is important once the name of your dental clinic is defined, to register in trademarks and patents.

If you are a Tijuana cosmetic dentist, look for a good design expert who can help you come up with the type of branding needed to take your clinic to the next level.