Email marketing: a key strategy for any company

When we talk about email marketing we are referring to a technique based on the mass sending of emails to a specific contact list. The latter, as a general rule, will have given their prior consent and what is achieved with something as simple, fast and economic as this is to reach a target audience directly. In addition, we must bear in mind that as the majority of people already have their email in the same mobile phone is reached almost immediately. But what benefits can it bring? And, why leave this work in the hands of professionals?
The second question is almost answered alone. Keep in mind that it is not enough to send emails without any sense to sell your products or services such as dental crowns Tijuana. In fact, doing something like this will have the opposite effect to that desired and it would not be surprising if the recipients themselves asked to be outside of that list of contacts. As with any marketing tool, you have to think beforehand how to use it and, at least, you will need a previous study to know what kind of messages to send, how often, be creative and, not least, perform an analysis of everything this to know to what extent it is being profitable and how it could be improved. Although it is true that email marketing has declined a little in recent times, it is a serious mistake because, because of a very small investment, the benefits can be very important.
Benefits of email marketing for a company
Low cost: It is one of its distinctive features and one of the reasons why any company, however small, should be launched to try this marketing strategy.
Very effective and profitable: Keep in mind that it is estimated that this type of communication with the client or the potential client is up to 40 times more effective than the one carried out in Social Networks. In fact, the return on investment (or ROI) that is usually managed is around 4.3%. This being the case, it can be concluded that there is no other means that, for such a low cost, could end up giving as much profit.
Customizable: It is true that you can send the same message to all recipients, but the trend is different and the results show that it is better to personalize. Whenever possible you should go to the recipient by name and offer goods or services according to the preferences you have shown before. Thus, the results tend to be better. Of course in this an agency that is responsible for email marketing will have much to say and advise to make each campaign is the most appropriate.
Measurable: Email marketing allows you to verify, in real time, how effective a campaign is with data such as the number of people who have opened the email in question and how many of them have clicked, then on the provided link that, obviously, usually carries to the web of a certain company. The good thing is that, although the data is not perfect the first time, you can adjust this type of marketing until you get to make the most suitable campaigns and, therefore, to reap more successes.