Graphic design and usability to improve SEO

Nowadays, the search engine positioning of our company is essential so that our presence in the web does not go unnoticed. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the results of the different search engines.

In recent years, the strategies of search engine positioning and its implementation to the websites of companies have made it essential for a website to occupy the first positions in the search engines, since it is the way to make the website is found by a greater number of users who surf the Internet.

The first thing you should think about is that people always look for good, useful content and that they provide what they are looking for. Keeping content updated will help users visit your website more frequently.

Another factor that is very important when you visit your website is the graphic image. A company with good branding invites users to continue browsing the web, on the other hand, a website that has no visual identity, is not clear or orderly, that is “ugly” speaking clearly, has all the ballots to help that our user changes in an instant of opinion and look for our competition.

The first thing a designer must do when creating the website is to study (if he has one) the corporate image of the company (and if they do not have it, have them). In the corporate identity is the logo, the slogan, the corporate colors, the image …

The corporate visual identity of a company is very important, it gives greater value to the brand, the difference of the competition in the market and makes it easily recognized and remembered by consumers. An example of good corporate image would be McDonalds, or Coca Cola. Who does not know what they sell?

As stated by Roberto Robles, an SEO expert at KatRank: “Another factor that should never be forgotten is usability, which refers to the ease of use in websites and the ability for users to navigate through it in a practical, simple, useful and satisfactory way”. Great usability provides a great user experience, which is what Googles looks for when ranking websites.

Thanks to graphic design and corporate identity, brand and website recognition is improved, increasing the number of customers, inviting them to know the products or services of the site and capturing their attention. And thanks to a good usability it is possible that our user has a pleasant and productive experience, and as a result a return of it to our web is achieved. This makes it an important part and to take into account in terms of what SEO is concerned.