How will my clinic change with a new corporate image?

Many times we are not aware of the importance of the image of our dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico. But have we ever stopped to think what image we give to the outside?

This image is our point of support for the growth of our business; It will depend on it that current patients continue to trust in our project and, to a large extent, that new clients are interested in us, since in the vast majority of occasions the contact with the patient is made before he visits us.

And we no longer only refer to the remodeling of the establishment, but to something as simple as graphic design or stationery material.

The importance of the corporate image

Graphic design is a fundamental part of every business, and dental clinics in Mexico are no exception. It is our door  to the outside and we have to show our best.

Graphic designers and branding experts offer all the services so that you do not have to worry about anything. With a previous analysis of the factors to change or enhance, they will make sure that your objectives are realized, always to your measure and according to the style you want to show.

As a practical example, we present the case of Tijuana Dental Studio. This dental clinic commissioned a design agency to make their dental services more accessible and expand their target audience.

In addition, they wanted to incorporate the clinic to the Internet with a clear and defined online marketing strategy. Also, they required to have all the personalized stationery material with the corporate image. Also an attractive and elegant design of advertising brochures, something that would use to highlight their presence among future patients.

The image proposal pretended to be dynamic and fresh, and for that work was done with soft shapes and colors. To highlight the communication, they used the contrast of 2 colors that bring rhythm and order to the content, making the information more attractive.