Odor marketing and its relation to experience

One of the most important things for any establishment is the smell of the place, unconsciously people relate certain smells with emotions or experiences, for example, if we go with a dentist in Tijuana or any other doctor, we hope it smells clean, not popcorn.

And it is a very important aspect because if the smells are not to the consumer’s liking their experience will be ruined and it is very likely that it will never come back and even leave bad reviews of the place. Even now what tourists expect is that the hotel they visit smells good.
Yes, indeed, the logical thing is that the hotel smells good and that neither the walls nor furniture gives off a smell of humidity, but we go a little beyond merely the clean scent of a lifetime.

Before this new fashion was born, probably before the question: what is the smell of the room? Any receptionist would have been running out the revolving door, but right now it is a question that is repeated almost daily.

And, is that we will stay in one or another room if the aroma that they have contributed has to do with how we want to feel during those days, if their properties are going to benefit our rest or, on the contrary, they will get to increase the passion In our partner, they also have to see that they are not allergic to specific essences if they do not want to be sued by the guests.

Olfactory marketing
It is beginning to be implemented in some establishments but, shortly, it will not seem so strange to choose, apart from a pillow menu, also among a wide range of aromas. And it is that the options can be very different, and will help us that our purpose of travel is fulfilled completely.
Depending on your needs, you will choose an aroma that will allow you to find yourself so happy in that place that at the exit you will inevitably ask for references of that air freshener to take it to your home.