How to Choose the Best Production Music Library and Stock Music Company

Engaging in a project that entails the licensing of music for a film project can feel like an overwhelming task. Not only are there millions of tracks out there, but these are held by production music library labels each with different licensing terms, prices, and processes. Finding the best production music library company that offers the newest stock music options for your film and television projects is paramount to the project’s overall success. These tips will help you find the best company and production music library to make each project a big hit and help make your internal operations run without a single hiccup.

Look for a Single Music Library that Accommodates All Projects

One of the biggest misconceptions in the film and television production industry is that music supervisors need to source from multiple background music libraries to complete a single project. Not only does this add multiple unnecessary steps to a tasklist but it created a large knots of tangled red tape by introducing multiple licensing agreements, terms and additional time from the legal department to set a path.

So why is this a common practice? Some music libraries have a reputation for offering the newest ambient music while others are known for heavy rock beats. Then there are production music libraries that specialize in vocal songs. The right one for your project is the music track library that offers a wide range of music for all current and upcoming projects. Forming a solid relationship with a single music track library company will help production music supervisors stay on pace to complete a project on time, and within budget. And going to a single platform for all your background music needs will help ensure success.

Variety and New Production Music Releases

A music production library company is only as strong as its roster. After all, the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers may have started from a small farm system, but their player variety and new signs elevated them to the top ushering in a World Series win. The number of tracks in a music library doesn’t really matter, but diversity, variety and regular new releases are everything in this business. Your production music library should have MVP heavy hitting names from artists like Snoop Dogg, Hans Zimmer and Quincy Jones and also have some of the hottest technically sound tracks from studio composers that have small names linked to big productions.

Cost and Licensing Types

Cost depends greatly on how flexible licensing options are. Some questions to ask include:

Does the library have single use per production licenses?
Are the company’s licenses just for music in use?
Are blanket licenses offered?
How flexible is the library in how they deliver the music you need?

Perhaps licensing options don’t matter for your [position, but if they do you will need to understand the main three types and how they work.

Needle-Drop – Here the licensing party is able to use a portion of a piece of music one time. In other words, if you love the first 20 seconds of a track, 13 seconds in the middle, and the last 18 seconds. Each time you break up a track a license is needed.

Per Production – Unlimited music use in a single production (feature film, TV show, trailer, digital, advertisement, etc). With a per production license you can cut tracks into multiple segments and use them all under one license.

Blanket License – The licensing party can use the music from a particular catalog for a predetermined duration, generally six months to three years.

Choose a Music Production Library you can Grow With

As a music production manager you not only want to satisfy all creative ends and ensure each project is completed to the highest level of quality, you also want to grow a portfolio showing the efficiency and mastery behind completed project. When you choose a music production library ask yourself if they are the best entity to help you achieve all the goals on your list to make a name for yourself, and for the spectacular outcome of each project you put your name to.

How 3D Mapping and Virtual Reality Create Amazing Stage Designs for Your Brand Launch

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a 1000 words. When launching a new branded product release, your stage display needs to ignite imaginations and intrigue hearts with jaw-dropping visuals created by interactive art technologies that grant a memorable immersive digital experience.

3D mapping and virtual reality are types of projection technology used by main event staging companies who typically incorporate responsive media installations and other state-of-the-art accoutrements to high-tech stage design. Gone are the days where live music and screen projections convey the energy of a brand and its products. By incorporating 3D mapping and virtual reality into your stage presentation, you will be creating an experience untouched by anything your audience has seen.

What is 3D Mapping

3D event stage design uses mapping through projection technology to turn objects into display surfaces for video projection. These objects are usually irregularly shaped thus giving the image a stretched look. Also known as spatial augmented reality, this technology can use buildings, landscapes, small indoor objects and even complete stages as its canvas. 3D mapping companies use specialized software to mimic real environments projected on these objects. Artists and advertisers use 3D mapping to add an extra dimension and wow factor to their stage presentation rich with optical illusions that may or may not include an audio-visual narrative. In his Earthling tour David Bowie used 3d mapping technology in which he cast distorted images of himself onto odd-shaped egg sculptures and objects with human features to give a desired look and feel of both the intriguing and the macabre.

How is Virtual Reality Used for a Staged Brand Launch?

Virtual reality (VR) is technology that uses computer generated scenarios to simulate realistic experiences. VR offers an immersive environment that is similar to the reality of our world around us in order to create an experience grounded in lifelike reality. Augmented reality is also often used in virtual reality technologies that promote products. This is when a form of VR is layered over a camera feed into a device like a headset or smartphone. Lego was one of the first companies to use this technology; some of their stores including their flagship location in Denmark has a VR display with augmented reality components that allowed people to open a box of legos and play with them in an artificial environment. This was a “try before you buy” experience. There are also stage design companies like Sila Sveta that provide virtual reality product launch services around the world. In February 2016 the company designed a one-of-a-kind virtual reality driving experience for the new Audi A4. A dome-like structure concealing a real car was placed in a Moscow-based department store allowing potential buyers to experience what it is like to drive one in a fully immersive digital world.

Virtual Reality and 3D Mapping Companies Create a Buzz in Product Launches

If you truly want expand your buyer reach and stun your audience members with an unforgettable presentation, turn to a virtual reality and 3D mapping company to design an experience that brings your brand to life in a new and exciting manner. Allow people to live and breathe your offering; invite them into your world with a stage design that uses 3D mapping and VR to get people and the media talking for years to come.

Graphic design and usability to improve SEO

Nowadays, the search engine positioning of our company is essential so that our presence in the web does not go unnoticed. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the results of the different search engines.

In recent years, the strategies of search engine positioning and its implementation to the websites of companies have made it essential for a website to occupy the first positions in the search engines, since it is the way to make the website is found by a greater number of users who surf the Internet.

The first thing you should think about is that people always look for good, useful content and that they provide what they are looking for. Keeping content updated will help users visit your website more frequently.

Another factor that is very important when you visit your website is the graphic image. A company with good branding invites users to continue browsing the web, on the other hand, a website that has no visual identity, is not clear or orderly, that is “ugly” speaking clearly, has all the ballots to help that our user changes in an instant of opinion and look for our competition.

The first thing a designer must do when creating the website is to study (if he has one) the corporate image of the company (and if they do not have it, have them). In the corporate identity is the logo, the slogan, the corporate colors, the image …

The corporate visual identity of a company is very important, it gives greater value to the brand, the difference of the competition in the market and makes it easily recognized and remembered by consumers. An example of good corporate image would be McDonalds, or Coca Cola. Who does not know what they sell?

As stated by Roberto Robles, an SEO expert at KatRank: “Another factor that should never be forgotten is usability, which refers to the ease of use in websites and the ability for users to navigate through it in a practical, simple, useful and satisfactory way”. Great usability provides a great user experience, which is what Googles looks for when ranking websites.

Thanks to graphic design and corporate identity, brand and website recognition is improved, increasing the number of customers, inviting them to know the products or services of the site and capturing their attention. And thanks to a good usability it is possible that our user has a pleasant and productive experience, and as a result a return of it to our web is achieved. This makes it an important part and to take into account in terms of what SEO is concerned.

Decoration and design ideas for dental clinics

Let’s face it, people do not usually get excited about going to the dentist. To overcome these fears it is vital that people feel as comfortable as possible. Surely these ideas on decoration and design for dental clinics that offer advanced treatments like dental implants in Mexico will help you create a more pleasant environment for your patients.

Of course there is a lot of myth about the alleged damage done by dentists. These are stories that can negatively predispose the patient who visits your clinic, specially when they need treatments that are known to be painful. That is why the goal of decoration should be to calm down.

Quiet colors on the walls: it is said that green and blue are the quiet colors par excellence, although in general neutral colors can be used. There are also colors to avoid, such as gray and white. The gray gives a feeling of monotony and the white in a clinic reminds too much of a hospital.

Aquarium: is a typical element in the decoration of a dentist that offers Tijuana dental braces. Who has an aquarium at home will already know its soothing properties.

Furniture: when we talk about furniture we must put comfort before design. In the waiting room, better chairs than chairs.

Murals on the roof: when patients are reclining in your chair, specially during long treatments like a root canal in Mexico, it is good that they have something interesting for them to look at. A good idea may be to put a decorative mural that fills the entire roof of the room. This way you will have something that captures the patient’s attention while doing your work.

Environmental fragrances: olfactory marketing involves the use of fragrances to associate a company with a certain smell. In the clinic you can use air fresheners with pleasant aromas.

Ambient music: the use of ambient music or white noise not only helps create a relaxed atmosphere. It also serves to camouflage the possible noises made by the consultation machines.

Think that sometimes your patients will have to wait a while to be taken care of. Waits often make people nervous, so it’s good that you provide them with distracting elements in your waiting room. We propose the following:

Magazines: but not the typical dentist magazines that, frankly, arouse too much interest.

Wifi: offering free wifi in your clinic can be an important point in favor, since many people entertain the wait by browsing with their Smartphone.

Game room: a great detail for the little ones that parents will undoubtedly appreciate a lot.

Have you been convinced by our ideas for the decoration and design of dental clinics? How do you have your clinic decorated?

Why should your dental clinic change its decoration?

Times are changing at the speed of light, why shouldn’t your clinic do it too? We are in the era of the image, the audiovisual has gained ground to everything else but in many cases the decoration of some clinics has remained in the 70s.

A branding expert can offer you a complete design project that suits your needs and possibilities. To get to attract as many patients as possible and make them feel, if not at home, in a comfortable place to enjoy.

What will and experto do to improve the image of your clinic?

First of all he or she carry out an analysis of the starting situation, visit your clinic and check the state in which it is located. Also, a specialists in interior design will evaluate everything.

Later, he will meet with you to know first-hand the real possibilities of improvement in economic terms and the objectives that you want to achieve with the redesign of the interior of your clinic.

And then, only after having all the information at first hand, will you receive an offer for a complete project of interior design and redesign of your dental clinic in Mexico. Pointing out those positive aspects and correcting those that are damaging your image.

What is achieved after the redesign?

We must bear in mind that the fear of visiting a holistic dentist in Tijuana Mexico is very much rooted in our culture and therefore we must fight against it in the best possible way. And getting a nice environment is the best way, the best way to soften the environment.

Many universities have conducted studies in this regard. Concluding that the design of the dental clinic can help the general perception of the patient.

How will my clinic change with a new corporate image?

Many times we are not aware of the importance of the image of our dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico. But have we ever stopped to think what image we give to the outside?

This image is our point of support for the growth of our business; It will depend on it that current patients continue to trust in our project and, to a large extent, that new clients are interested in us, since in the vast majority of occasions the contact with the patient is made before he visits us.

And we no longer only refer to the remodeling of the establishment, but to something as simple as graphic design or stationery material.

The importance of the corporate image

Graphic design is a fundamental part of every business, and dental clinics in Mexico are no exception. It is our door  to the outside and we have to show our best.

Graphic designers and branding experts offer all the services so that you do not have to worry about anything. With a previous analysis of the factors to change or enhance, they will make sure that your objectives are realized, always to your measure and according to the style you want to show.

As a practical example, we present the case of Tijuana Dental Studio. This dental clinic commissioned a design agency to make their dental services more accessible and expand their target audience.

In addition, they wanted to incorporate the clinic to the Internet with a clear and defined online marketing strategy. Also, they required to have all the personalized stationery material with the corporate image. Also an attractive and elegant design of advertising brochures, something that would use to highlight their presence among future patients.

The image proposal pretended to be dynamic and fresh, and for that work was done with soft shapes and colors. To highlight the communication, they used the contrast of 2 colors that bring rhythm and order to the content, making the information more attractive.

Branding for Dental Clinics

The Logo of the Clinic

It is important when designing a logo for a dental clinic like Mexico Dental Network to create a design with a relaxing atmosphere through pleasant colors never using reddish, purple, violet etc.

The typography of dental logos must be cheerful and not very serious to achieve a relaxed atmosphere. If you are creating a dental office contact us and we will advise you on the image of your brand and how to promote your clinic through brochures and web design.

The Name of the Clinic

The choice of the name of your dental office is very important. The head designer for EG Dental said that “you have to look for originality but it has to be easy to pronounce and short for a good memorization”. It is important to analyze the language of your target audience, it should not pose problems or be offensive, the functionality of explaining what it is and the values are the key. It is important once the name of your dental clinic is defined, to register in trademarks and patents.

If you are a Tijuana cosmetic dentist, look for a good design expert who can help you come up with the type of branding needed to take your clinic to the next level.